Marvelous Mantissa

My lovely wife suggested she resembled – from some angles – a praying mantis. I agreed, and the name Mantissa was chosen for this beautiful ’03 Triumph Speed Triple. She calls the color ‘peridot green’, Triumph calls it ‘Roulette green’, I call it spectacular. After a short ten day voyage from New Jersey, she arrived this evening.

Meet Mantissa…

Mantissa 1

Jason is preparing her for dismount …

Mantissa 2

It’s dark out, so I had to use a flash for this one… just gorgeous, isn’t she?

and because it was already past lights out for some of the neighbors, I checked a few things out; but didn’t fire her up.

Mantissa 3

Tucked in for the night, in her genuine Triumph jammies… πŸ˜€

September 25, 2012

Had a quick errand to run this morning, and since Mantissa was already out…

WOOOOHOOOO!!! what a sweet motorcycle she is! Feels TINY from the cockpit, steers effortlessly with excellent feedback and great brakes.

Took a few more pics this morning in the daylight …


Sexy girl! πŸ™‚


The paint is perfection, the color is spectacular!


Yeah baby, YEAH!


Nice tidy cockpit, super simple and easy to read.


Only a little bit menacing, eh?

October 1, 2012

She’s LEGAL! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

MantissaLegal 1

Licensed, titled, and registered in CA

… and just because she is sooooooooo gorgeous πŸ™‚


Sorry… I just can’t resist πŸ™‚

October 17, 2012

Mantissa’s first movie!

November 3, 2012

Much has transpired since the last post here. I had Mantissa’s original saddle rebuilt by Spencer at, and needed to put some seat time in to break in the new foam. So we went out for little scoot …

TissaRide1103 002s

Quick pause at one of the local B&G’s

From Pioneer we headed down into Jackson to have a quick chat with Jim at Amador Fine Tune …

TissaRide1103 003s

Took a break at the local bike shop …

Jim had a real oldie out front, waiting for some TLC …

TissaRide1103 004s

Early generation Honda CB750, with a few ‘mods’ …

Then we cruised some of the fun roads between Jackson and Pine Grove, with a quick pause for this photo-op…

TissaRide1103 006s

Mantissa attracting visitors to the local Indian Casino …

November 6, 2012

Having done a bit of tuning on the front suspension, we went out for a cruise to West Point on CA26 – oneΒ  of the many fantastic roads around these parts. There was pre-winter road construction happening on 26, so we paused for a bit in West Point before heading back.


She does draw attention when stopped…


and what fantastic day for a ride!


Stay tuned for more from me new Speedie!

  1. She shore is purdy. Your description in Weaverville didn’t do her justice

    • Thanks Gene, I think she’s a pretty girl too – in a menacing ‘I will kick your ass’ sort of way. You know what a V65 feels like. Now take four inches off the wheelbase, 125 lbs off the weight, then add fifteen horsepower and five lb-ft of torque. Oh… and lose the shaft-jacking too. She’s positively MAD! πŸ™‚

  2. You have had a wonderful array of motorcycle’s but jeliousy is not in me, though I would give my left nut to get a day on each of them, oh hell both nuts, not doing me much good these days anyway, the nuts that is. My progression through bikedom has evolved so differently from yours which adds a different, wonderfully positive prospective to our collective. There it is, you just saw the slight narcissistic bent to my nature the shrink loved so much. Any hoot, my deal has always been have a bike that is a all around, multi-use transformer being as how I am only able to have one bike. One that I can configure and pile enough crap on where I have the ability to live on the road and run all day like the most awesome heavy cruiser ever, then dump off the crap, hop back on and have me some sport bike kinda fun. Their will always be trade offs to strike that balance. The shorter wheelbase would make yours more sporty kicking my ass in the twisties, but it would suffer in both comfort and ridability when loaded down with my standard pack-up going briskly through the same said twisties. Next is the fact that I run on a very limited budget and the design of the Sabre invites the tree shade mechanics, liken to my old Hodaka and VW buggies in the past, to go for it and dig in, like a modern day model T or something with a minumin of needed special tools or training, just some mechanical aptitude, super accessible world wide support and documentation to die for. Brutus is a Japanize bike but damned if it’s design, maintainability and toughness isn’t 60’s like ‘Merican .and the Damn thing runs on alcohol added, shit, bottom of the barrel regular gas which makes it sound a little like a John Deer tractor at times, a very fast and powerful John Deer Tractor.
    Ken, I am in heaven, the Sabre was made for me, you will kick my ass but Brutus will get me there wherever, close enough and cheap enough, to give you that opportunity. Oh ya and Brutus is a boy bike, a lot less temperamental and lower maintenance than those darned girl bikes(:
    But ohhhh I so would love to ride her, story of my life.

  3. Well Gene, I would never even try to pretend that Mantissa is any kind ‘touring’ bike; but yes, she is certainly capable of kicking a big Sabre’s butt in any sort of speed contest. Simba (the Tiger), on the other hand, is as comfortable a bike as I’ve ever owned – including my big Sabre and yes, even my beloved Trophy. The Tiger also has handling that will keep up with anything but a hard core sportbike in the twisties. Load her down with a weeks worth of stuff and she’s a caddie on the road – or even off the pavement a bit if that’s your cuppa tea. There are times (but not many) that I miss Sadie (my V65 Sabre); but she treated me well for more than 15 years and 150,000 miles and she’s moved on to a new home (and was ridden across the continent to get there). Brutus is a keeper. πŸ™‚

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