Rides and Events

With all these motorcycles in my life, I’ve done a lot of riding. I’m a Life Member of the American Motorcyclist Association and a ‘200K’ member, having ridden (at this point) well over a quarter million miles on two wheels. Some of that riding has been with friends and associates, whether at organized ‘events’ or on weekend rides. Riding with friends can be very rewarding indeed, and I’ve documented some of that here.

1. SabMag Spring Fling events

2. SabMag Spring Fling, 2012

3. SabMag Rockies, Cedaredge, CO, 2012

4. SabMag Fall Fling, Weaverville, CA, 2012

5. SabMag ‘Whatever’, 2011

6. My Diavel Encounter, 2012

7. Cinco di Mayo ride, 2012

8. Birthday Ride, 2011

9. Soquel Vintage Bikes, 2011

10. Carizzo Plain Rideabout, 2011

11. 10th Annual Bonneville Rally, Cambria,CA, 2012

12. SabMag Spring Fling 2013

13 SabMag Kernville 2013

14. SabMag West Spring Fling 2014

15. SabMag West Spring Fling 2016

Miscellaneous rides and videos

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