Carizzo Plain Rideabout – May 2011

Buffy the Tiger Cub, READY TO ROLL!

Tiger Cub Ready

Luggage loaded - ready to go!

II shall endeavour to post each evening during this ride!

May 23’d departure pics:

Setting up the GPS

Setting up the GPS prior to departure

Mounted up and ready!

Mounted up and ready to roll out!

On the road

The ride down was mostly uneventful, except that I challenged the Scrambler’s fuel range – and missed by about 3 miles. Who knew there was no gas on Hwy 43 for more than 90 miles? In any case we arrived safely, a little tired; but otherwise fine. After a fine dinner of ribs with all the fixin’s, we consumed several beverages and told many lies before hitting it.

Day 2 of the adventure dawned bright and warm. Here are some photos from the day’s activities.

2 Bikes

Scram and KLR about ready to launch!


Riding buddy Rand with his breakfast drink - is he ready?

Rand is not usually a morning person, so 8:30am may have been a little early for him.

Bikes wih Oil Pump

The bikes posing with an old oil well. Some don't know this was the birthplace of CA Oil

That’s Rand checking out the rig. He recently retired from a major oil company, and has a bit of knowledge about such things.

Rand at the well

Rand gets up close and personal with the old well

Which Road

Rand is trying to use his GPS to determine which road (of 3 available) was correct

We ultimately decided to head around to the ‘south entrance’ at Soda Lake Road off of Hwy 166 rather than wander around in unfamiliar territory.

Field of dreams?

This is where they grow all of the oil

On the way over to the south entrance we passed through a pretty large area populated by hundreds of oil wells.

Carizzo Plain sign



There is some OLD stuff out here!

Scrambler on Soda Lake Rd

The Scram gets to experience some dirt on Soda Lake Road


The Carizzo Plain is a pretty 'vast' space. Kinda like being in the middle of nowhere

Soda Lake Sign

Soda Lake sign describes the formation and evolution of the lake

Soda Lake 1

The lake itself is several miles long, and other than the 'salt' along the edge, is quite beautiful

Soda Lake 2

Soda 3

It goes on a long ways...

Dusty Scrambler

She's getting dusty

Wednesday May 25

Today’s ride was a bit limited. Two old geezers gotta rest for the long ride home tomorrow. 🙂 Rode into McKittrick to have lunch with another couple of geezers who drove up from Tehachapi just for lunch. Here’s a few pics from the day.

Bikes at lunch in McKittrick

Lunch Spot

Rand walking over to McKittrick Hotel.


Rand appears to be waiting for the bus...

Harry and Hairston

Our fellow geezers, Harry and Hairston, who drove from Tehachapi to meet for lunch

Both good guys and fellow riders. known ’em for more than ten years. Hairston has an ailment with his foot, so Harry drove them both up to meet.

Old Triumph

Beautiful old Triumph twin was parked out front after lunch.

I’m a little embarrassed I don’t know which model this is. Around 1970 I’m pretty sure, and it has twin carbs, so…

I’ll post up some video after I get back and have some time to edit it. Hope you enjoyed!

Carrizo Plain Rideabout – May 2011 from FoothillRyder on Vimeo.

  1. Brett Dickinson

    Great fan of Scrambler’s. Buying one is number one on my bucket list.

  2. Glad to see you out there again babe! Don’t like the empty spot on the couch though…LOL!

  3. Looks like you two had a great day doll! That is some vast space out there, WOW! Look forward to more pix 🙂 Thanks for the sneak peek! Is it okay to say LOVE YA here…LOL!!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great ride. Would have liked to meet you all for that lunch in McKitterick, but, gotta earn the paycheck for a few more years. Thanks Ron and Rand.

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