Cinco de Mayo 2012 – Another Ride in the Sierras

It was a Thursday, and I had posted something on my Facebook page and it got a comment from my good friend Don. He said “We’re going up to Tahoe for lunch, wanna come with us?” Um… yeah. It was on.

After packing a few things I headed down to hookup with Don and the boys as they headed up Hwy 88…

Scrambler packed and ready

Waiting for the guys …

We rode up Hwy 88 to Carson Pass before pausing briefly to take in the view and do the meet and greet.

Carson bikes

Bikes gathering at the Carson Pass lookout

The views were, as always, spectacular.

Carson View

the spectacular views were everywhere, every direction, all day long…

Jim rode his Hayabusa ‘fighter’. 180 hp stripped of all the unnecessary bits…

Jim's 'Busa fighter

Can you say F-F-F-Fast?

We were a motley crew, with a rather diverse collection of motorcycles. Don’s Valkyrie, Ted’s Gold Wing, Jim’s Hayabusa, Bill’s Victory Vegas, and my Scrambler.

Motley crew

Don and Bill chat, Ted’s over behind his bike.

Bill (who I had not met prior to this day) rode a beautiful Victory Vegas.

Bill's Victory Vegas

Can you say S-S-S-Shiny?

From there we headed up Hwy 88, through Hope Valley before turning on Hwy 89/4 then onto Monitor Pass. We stopped briefly to catch the view, looking down into the high desert of Nevada.

Monitor view

Spectacular view from Monitor Pass.

After running some errands, we made our way back into Minden/Gardnerville for an appropriate Cinco de Mayo lunch (Mexican!) at a restaurant recommended by the locals.

Lunch Stop

El Aguila Real – more authentic Mexican cuisine you will not find!

Looking across the road (sorry about the wires) you could see the majesty of the eastern slopes of the Sierra.

Lunch view

Eastern slopes of the Sierras from the lunch stop

and we ate outside, adjacent to the bikes on a beautiful afternoon in the sun.

Lunch 2

Fantastic weather for an al fresco meal!

I’ll be posting a video in a few days, stay tuned!

As promised!

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