SabMag Rockies 2012 – SMR Cedaredge

I’ll be posting here as often as I can with daily ‘moments’ from my ride from Pioneer, CA to Cedaredge, CO attending this years ‘SabMag Rockies’ event. Should be a good one, with folks riding in from all over the US. I’ll finally get to meet many of the Maggots from back east that I’ve been in contact with for many years; but never met in person. Looking forward to it!

Rand called, only a few minutes after the scheduled 9am, to announce he was about to ‘light the fires’. An hour and fifteen minutes later I was headed up the hill to hookup with Rand in Reno so we could ride together to the day’s objective – Winnemucca, Nevada. Along Hwy 88 I paused briefly to catch a pic of Buffy, loaded and ready for the ride.

Buffy at Caples Lake

Buffy taking a break at Caples Lake on the way to Reno …

After battling with a CalTrans ‘line painting’ parade on Hwy 88, and road construction along Hwy 395, I made it to the Chevron in Reno just before 1pm. I gassed up (2.7 gal. for 127 miles), parked, gave Doe a call to let her know I’d arrived, and lit up a smoke to wait – for about 2 minutes. Rand rode in right on schedule, we gabbed for a few before he gassed up and we headed east on Hwy 80 for Winnemucca. The crosswinds were a bear, and fighting them was physically wearing, so we stopped from time to time to relax and stretch. Here’s one of those stops…

the bikes and Rand at one of our short breaks between Reno and Winnemucca...

the bikes and Rand at one of our short breaks between Reno and Winnemucca…

More to come tomorrow, as we make our way to Provo, Utah.

So we got up early – well, I got up at my usual 6am – did the morning stuff, grabbed a quick MickyD breakfast and packed up Buffy for the ride…

Ready to head out of Winnemucca, ridin' to Provo

I’m all set as Rand prepares his load on the KLR…

It was just a wee bit chilly when we departed, and the weather was on the cool side of 80 all day. With a ride of close to 400miles, we stopped a few times along the way…

FR and Buffy, somewhere in Nevada

Me and Buffy at one of the breaks along the way. Here we’re still in Nevada…

This is at the first rest stop in Utah …

Home, home on the range...

This was at a break just inside Uah. I guess they still have wild horses here!

YIKES! (glad they warned us!)


Well… it is still the desert, after all!

Welcome to Utah!

Welcome to Utah

This was the rest stop in Utah. We could actually see GREEN in the area!

Tomorrow it’s on to Cedaredge, Colorado to hookup with a bunch of olde pharts from the SabMag list.

Day 3 – Lehi, UT to Cedaredge, CO

We departed the M6 in Lehi right on schedule, 9AM, and it was already warmer than the previous 2 days. We were in for a hot one. The first part of the ride had us going through the hills on SR6, which was a very nice road indeed.

SR6 between Provo and Price, UT

SR6 between Provo and Price, UT

Buffy and I were happy on the road again, even though it was getting HOT!

Me and Buffy, happily on the road again.

Me and Buffy, happily on the road again.

It was so hot, we struggled to find places to pull off where there was any shade at all, so we found offramps with overpasses to escape the heat for a few minutes.

Escaping the heat on I70

Rand tries to cool off for the final push into Grand Junction

We arrived, hot and tired, in Cedaredge. I checked into my comfortable air conditioned motel while Rand went to the hot and dusty campground to setup his tent. I was in my room, just getting ready to download the days pics (and a few videos) when Bob Cutler calls me (on Rand’s phone) to tell me that the gang was going to hookup at one of the local eateries for dinner, so I headed out.

Maggot parking at the Bakery

As is typical for an SME, there was a variety of bikes in the mix.

After dinner I kicked back at the TriR to let the heat escape my tired bones.


Gotta have a brew – first of the day!

The TriR has a lovely well-shaded patio out front, perfect for unwinding.

TriR Motel, Cedaredge, CO

TriR Motel, Cedaredge, CO

Bob, who I finally met in person after conversing on ‘the list’ for some fifteen years, was good company for an evening of relaxation.

Bob C. chillin'

Bob C. Chillin at the TriR

Last post for the day. My lovely wife Doe had this basket of marvelous fruit waiting in my room when I checked in. LOVE YOU BABY!

Fresh Fruit!

Now THIS, is a welcome basket!

Friday 6/22 – a day of rest

The morning dawned a tad warmer than yesterday, as expected; but we rolled out for an early breakfast at the Bakery. Several of us decided to try out the handicapped parking right up front (we moved the bikes shortly after this pic was taken).

Handicapped bikes?

Somehow we failed to notice the signs …

The breakfast crew included the infamous David Ryder and the lovely Polly, who keeps him in line. LD was there to balance things.

Breakfast 1

David, Polly, and LD waiting for some breakfast ….

LD again, Ed Shea, and Dave Bower

LD, Ed, and Dave B.

More of the breakfast crew

Dave and Tom Bower, with Matt

Breakfast 3

More of the breakfast crew …

and the last of the group, Matt, Springer, Carl and Bob

Breakfast 4

the last of the crew …

Jack had already left the area, and after breakfast we split up to go do our respective things. Bob and I relaxed at the TriR and entertained a few visitors, then did a little putting around town. ‘Bob had to mail some souvenirs to the grandkids, so we took care of that. This is ‘downtown’ Cedaredge…

Downtown 1

2nd street, looking back toward Hwy 65

Downtown 2

2nd Street, looking up toward Main St. The bar is at the end of the block..

After more relaxing, we got a call and headed down to the bar called ‘The Pondy’ to hookup with Jack, Ed, and Carl. Jack and I ended up staying there and having dinner while Bob, Carl, and Ed went somewhere else. The locals at the bar were excellent company!

Bar 1

Jack, smiling next to Dana and Dannie from Eagles Nest Lodge

Bar 2

the lovely Sara came in to tend bar for us

After enjoying the locals, we headed back to the TriR, joined by Ed and Carl for more BS. ]

Ed relaxing

Ed said ‘be sure to get my legs’ …

Carl shows off

Carl displays his whiteness…

Saturday 6/23

Warmer still as the weekend began. Unsure of the plans; but Bob and I initially wanted to head down to check out Black Canyon. Then he checked his rear tire pressure, and it had lost 4psi since the previous evening so he chose to head down into Grand Junction to take care of that so it wouldn’t be a source of worry on his 3000+ mile return to home in NY. Can’t say I blame him.

We headed out to meet the crew for breakfast, and finally hooked up with YWR (aka Wallace) and Lynn, up from Arizona.


YWR and The Princess at Breakfast. Great to see them again!

I would never have thought it possible; but Wallace had to pamper his recently reworked knee, and was riding this VTX1300 cruiser!

YWR's Cruiser

No, it’s not a sportbike, yes, it’s YWR’s 🙂

Lynn rode her recently acquired FZ1…

Lynn's FZ1

I’ve heard tell that this thing is nasty ..

After Bob headed down to Grand Junction to see about a tire, I relaxed a bit, uploaded pics, and rode into town to choose a nice gift to present to Doe upon my return, then hung out for a while with Jack before we headed up to Grand Mesa to try and find the ‘Eagles Nest Lodge’.

We stopped at the campground so Jack could pick up his gear…


The Alpine Trails Campground is nice enough; but it was HOT!

Jack's cabin

Buffy parked in front of Jack’s cabin at Alpine Trails

We rode through the Grand Mesa National Park, never did find the Eagles Nest; but did stop for a photo op at an overlook from 10,000 feet…

View from the top of Grand Mesa

View from the top of Grand Mesa

Overlook 2

I’m guessing that ‘valley’ below was a good 5000′ below us.

Jack requested a souvenir shot …

Jack souvenir

Jack and his borrowed ST (thanks Linda!)

and I got one as well…

Ron souvenir

Buffy and I at 10,000′

Farewell to Friends

More relaxing ensued, Bob returned from his tire adventure, having procured a replacement tire (nobody would patch the leaky one) safe and sound and we hung out at the TriR, enjoying the coolness of the patio while we awaited news of the ‘final gathering’ for this SMR.

It was to be at RJ’s Steakhouse, on the outskirts of Cedaredge, at 5:30. At the appointed time we prepared to head over there just as a stream of maggots rode by. We joined up at RJ’s, headed inside, and were greeted by a most attentive and accommodating staff – and WONDERFUL food. My Spicy Grilled Catfish was the best I’ve ever had, and similar comments came from the others in attendance.

The friendly waitress was happy to shoot our picture for posterity, and here we are. L-R: Ed Shea, Lynn and Wallace, Bob Cutler, Dave and Tom Bower, Jack Smith (hiding in the back), David Ryder, Polly (hiding behind me), and yours truly. A motley crue if ever there was one.

Table 1

The ‘main’ table of Maggots, all happy to be inside and refreshed.

and here is the second table, with Matt up front, Rand, Pete, and LD around the back, and Carl Custer rounding out the cast.

Table 2

Matt, Rand, Pete, LD, and Carl make up the Table 2 contingent

After a delicious dinner we broke up, some folks headed back to camp to prepare for early departures while others gathered to socialize and wind down after a very successful SabMag Rockies event. Bob and I of course returned to the TriR, and Matt joined us to wile away several hours gabbing and sipping a brew or two. All three of us were pretty tired though, and things wrapped up about 10.

This event was special for a variety of reasons. The locale offered some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable, to be sure. But conversing face-to-face with people you’ve ‘known’ as their online personae for as much as fifteen years is what really made it special to me.

Bob Cutler, the retired law enforcement officer from New York, thank you for entertaining me so thoroughly with your stories and wisdom.

Jack Smith, you bring both light and darkness, and for that you are to be commended.

Ed Shea, from the Dark Side, you brought a brand of humor that could only come from a truly dimented individual – and I mean that in the best of ways.

Carl Custer, a man of many colors, it was a pleasure to finally shake your hand.

LD Walker, a true Elder Statesman of Maggotry, and an honor to meet you sir.

David Ryder, you’ve received so much denigration from others on the list; but in person you seem a genuinely good guy – or maybe that’s because Polly keeps you in line. It was great to meet you both.

Pete, Wallace, and Lynn, you are friends since my early days on ‘the list’, and it’s always great to see you guys.

Lastly there is Matt McDonald, the man who (with DeWayne) did all the legwork to put this event together, I enjoyed chatting with you on the last evening. I have a little better understanding of what your objective is with these SMR events, and I admire the sort of strategy and forethought it takes to do ‘something different’ on such a grand scale. My hat is off to you lad. Well done!

Departure and the road to Lehi

Rand and I got up at an ungodly (for Rand) hour and were on the road out of Cedaredge shortly after 7:30 to beat the heat on our ride to Lehi, Utah. It was going to be a hot one, and we didn’t want to be on the road in the worst of it.

Ready to Roll

Buffy loaded and ready to launch on the road home, first leg to Lehi, UT

One thing that was a bit surprising was this ‘Rest Area’ on SR6 between Price and Provo, Utah. There was a panorama with large murals talking about some of the historical features of the local area, things to do, etc. There was an air-conditioned ‘lobby’, with vending machines, restrooms, and chilled drinking water, along with picnic tables outside in the shade. You don’t see ’em like this in CA.

UT Rest Area

There was even a small train in there!

I have some video and audio (!!) clips to edit once I’m back with my real computer, and I’ll add more to this page as we go along.

Monday 6/25 – The Road Home – Lehi, UT to Winnemucca, NV

We’d decided (well, Rand had decided) that this ride was supposed to be late departures, short ride days, and that was that. Yesterday’s early departure was specifically to avoid the expected heat in Colorado, and we succeeded in that. So today we would be departing at a more ‘normal’ time, around 9.

Not getting this message until after I woke up at 6, I hung out, updated this blog, and had some breakfast before packing up the bike.

Monday morning, packed and ready to roll

Buffy is ready for the longest of the days, nearly 400 miles Lehi-Winnemucca.

The ride was pretty brutal, as we battled high winds varying from solid crosswinds early on to a horrendous headwind that brought our fuel mileage down into the LOW 30’s! It was a pretty tough 400 miles for us old guys; but we made it. Both of us rested our eyes for an hour before we had the energy to go out and have some dinner and grab a few beers for the evening.

After returning to the M6, I had them put me in another room as the air con in my first one didn’t work at all, and it was HOT in there. Then we sat out on the balcony, traded barbs, told stories, and shot a few pics of the lovely sunset.

Winnemucca sunset 1

The sunset really was quite lovely, in spite of the wires.

Rand in a very lucid moment…

Lucid Rand

He was happy to be only one day’s ride from home…

the sunset continued to improve…

Winnemucca Sunset 2

It just got better as the sun went down…

Tomorrow is the final leg, Winnemucca to Pioneer. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

Tuesday 6/26 – The Road Home -Winnemucca, NV to HOME!

Didn’t take two many pics today, too busy thinking about getting home; but here’s one at the gas stop in Lovelock, NV:

Gas stop in Lovelock, NV

Rand taking a stretch in Lovelock, NV

And I did stop briefly along Hwy 88 after I made it into California once again.

Back in CA again!

Buffy looks eager to make the final 60 miles to her parking spot next to Val the Viffer

Now I have a few gigs of video and a couple hours of audio to edit. I’ll post the ‘SMR Event Video’ here when I finish that daunting task. Until then…. keep the shiny side up!

A Shout Out for the TriR Motel in Cedaredge

I would like to state for the record that this event would have been less enjoyable had it not been for the folks at the TriR Motel in Cedaredge. The accommodations were very nice; but what really made it a great choice was the relaxing and pleasantly cool patio. I’d say it felt like home; but that would be a cliche, right? As you’ve seen in the pics, many a maggot stopped by to enjoy it. Here are two more pics of that patio:

Patio 1

The patio area extends along the entire front of the motel, with seating and tables.

Patio 2

Decorations included a fountain and several small figurines. Lovely!

So… if you find yourself in Cedaredge and need a place to stay, I recommend the TriR Motel.

  1. Great shots doll! So nice to be able to read about your day and follow your trip!
    Love ya – Doe


    Hi Ron, like your post and pixs :-)fred

  3. Glad you liked the fruit doll – figured that might be the one thing you could use to refuel and stay healthy, so you can get back home to me, Jimmy and your red-headed girlfriend!
    Love you too babe! – Doe

  4. Great stuff, Ron! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. David Hampton

    Glad to see you guys had a great time.

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