SabMag West Spring Fling 2013

SabMag West Spring Fling 2013

Although a couple of guys arrived on Thursday (and I enjoyed dinner with Halfway Harry at Gallaghers Grill in Pioneer), the ‘official’ early arrivals come in on Friday. Most people arrive around dinner time; but here’s the evidence that Harry, Doug and Don have come in well in advance of the pizza.

SF2013Early 001s

Here’s Terry, Don, Doug and fellow Oregonian Jim Hiler (returning to the Fling fold after missing several).

SF2013Early 002s

Don has done a bit of work on the Miata since we last saw him, in the form of a Turbocharger to boost his power:weight to about 10lbs per (with the driver aboard). Neat little sleeper!

SF2013Early 003s

We arrived with the pizza and drinks to feed all of the maggots who’d arrived. Doe chats with Jim while Doug and Don avail themselves of the pies.

SF2013Friday 001s

Raquel made it in safely on her solo ride with her VFR ‘Sonic’. The lady would demonstrate much-improved riding skills on Saturday’s Fling Ryde.

SF2013Friday 002s

This young lad popped in for a quick visit on this somewhat modified VFR. Pete had a conversation with him about his dragstrip experiences while Mike D. watches from the sidelines.

SF2013Friday 003s

Raquel chats with Terry and Harry in front of the motel rooms.

SF2013Friday 005s

Doe converses with Chris Hampton next to the foodwagon.

SF2013Friday 006s

Things wound down pretty early on Friday, as we all had to be up and aware for a 9:30am Ryder’s Meeting prior to the 10am clutches-out departure on Saturday. Harry doesn’t know which to admire, Ron’s Speed Triple or Don’s Flyin’ Miata.

SF2013Sat 001s

Amongst the truly late arrivals were Dave Q, Rich B., and Crazy Gene. Maggots milling about prior to the Ryder’s Meeting.

SF2013Sat 002s

The first group preparing to depart – FIFTEEN MINUTES AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! Don, with the injured Dave Q riding shotgun and Louie the Wonder Dog aboard, positions himself at the back of the group with Crazy Gene behind to supervise Louie.

SF2013Sat 004s

The trailing group (I led this one to effectively ride ‘sweep’) made it to Break #1 ahead of the rest. This isn’t unusual, as the ‘fast’ guys tend to miss a turn or two along the way.

SF2013Sat 005s

Raq checks in with Dave, who informs her that – yep – they missed a turn and ended up out in BFE, had to find their way back to the group.

SF2013Sat 006s

Newcomer to the SabMag group is Jim from SoCal, kicking back on his baby Sabre in River Pines.

SF2013Sat 007s

Back to the Fling after many years of absence was Rich Brown, who rode this immaculate V65 Magna from the Bay Area to join us on Friday night and Saturday.

SF2013Sat 008s

Finally everyone found the River Pines break location and the cat herding began again after some tire-kicking.

SF2013Sat 010s

Lunch at Subway in Diamond Springs and we’d made it to the halfway point for the ride.

SF2013Sat 011s

Don celebrates!

SF2013Sat 012s

The Subway lot was pretty much full of bikes for an hour or so.

SF2013Sat 013s

SF2013Sat 014s

SF2013Sat 015s

SF2013Sat 016s

SF2013Sat 017s

We were all ready for more saddle time, and tore up some tarmac on our way to the afternoon break in Sutter Hill. Here’s proof we all made it (except for Pete, Mike, and Gene, who headed off to find crawdads in a creek).

SF2013Sat 018s

Finally a few of maggots hanging about after the Feast on Saturday evening.

SF2013Sat 019s

SF2013Sat 020s

Eduardo and Bruno Freyre hanging out with Raquel after filling up at the Feast.

SF2013Sat 021s

We even had the Hampton grandkids at the party!

SF2013Sat 022s

Maggots preparing the fire before darkness encroaches.

SF2013Sat 023s

Lies continued well after dark, and Sunday morning arrived all too early for some. Most of us gathered at the Sierra House restaurant for breakfast.

SF2013-Sun 001s

Jim chats with Doe prior to his departure for points north.

SF2013-Sun 003s

Terry’s Magna is packed, and he’s ready to gear-up for the ride to the South Bay.

SF2013-Sun 004s

Doe chats up the remaining maggots as they prepare to head home.

SF2013-Sun 006s

Raquel and Dave Q talk with the Fling Hostess before heading south to Hanford.

SF2013-Sun 008s

Doe chats with Doug and Eduardo.

SF2013-Sun 010s

Links to other photo galleries:

Pete Springer’s Gallery:

Terry Day’s Gallery:

Videos will be posted up here shortly; but first my disclaimer. Had a few issues with my video crew this time. The remote for the GoPro’s didn’t get charged, the primary GoPro didn’t get checked for sufficient memory capacity, and the pilot didn’t switch to the backup camera at lunch (as had been planned). So… the second stage doesn’t have any rear-facing video and the third stage rear video ends about 2/3 of the way through. There you have it. 😉

Here they are:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

  1. Hi Ron , oh I love your reports include picsand videos. It make me feel like /we I had been there too, all the faces I remember.

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