SabMag West Spring Fling 2016

Mingle at Pardee

Maggots Mingle a the Pardee Dam Observation Point.

This year’s event was especially memorable for Doe and I. Many of our favorite Maggots would be in attendance, including some we had not seen in several years and some we had never met in person and had never attended a Fling. The winter’s plentiful rains had lifted the water level in our local lakes and reservoirs to the highest we’ve seen, maybe ever. The route was chosen specifically to take advantage of the beautiful water features, and did not disappoint.

The event ‘officially’ begins on Friday; but this year was different. We’d been in touch with ‘Randoman’, who harkens from Vancouver, BC. We were excited that he was coming down for the Fling for the first time in many years, and rather than risking snow-covered roads he arrived on Thursday and gave us a call. Doe and I had great evening of 1-on-1 with Randy, and when we left I told him I’d see him the following morning at 10, and I’d be bringing my bike.

On Friday morning I arrived as promised to find that others had also arrived.

Earlies 1

at 10am on Friday, Jeff and Don had joined Rando at the Lodge, ‘home base’ for the event.

Jeff and Don headed down to Pine Grove for breakfast, so I took Rando on a quick jaunt on some of the ‘local’ twisties before we headed to the Gold Country Campground to see if there were any other early arrivals.

Gary and Chuck, one of the guys who had never been to a Fling, had arrived.


Gary had arrived, and was checked into one of the ‘motel’ rooms.

Chuck 'Ceptor

Chuck, up from SoCal, brought his lovely VF500F Interceptor for the fun.

So… I took Rando, Gary, and Chuck on a ‘scenic’ tour down around Jackson. It was a little cool, and there was the threat of a shower; but no dampness interfered with our ride. After dropping Gary and Chuck at the campground, Rando and I headed back up to the Lodge. Lo and behold, we had another arrival in the form the infamous Doug C., who had ridden down from Oregon.

Fling16-1 009

Doug arrived safely to share a room with Rando.

Some of us went accross the parking lot to Gallagher’s Bar and Grill for some lunch, after which Doug, Rando and I hung out and caught up on stuff and things. A couple of hours went by, and I needed to get back up the hill to help Doe with some chores so we could get back to the Lodge for dinner with whomever was there. When I went out to climb aboard Sami, big Dave Q and Roquie had arrived, along with several other SoCal folks, most of which were staying at the campground.


a shy Halfway Harry keeps his helmet on while greeting Maggots.

Fling16-1 011

Dave Q comes prepared …


Raquel unpacks her VFR after the ride up from Hanford.

Doe and I headed back down at about 6:30, mingled for a bit in the crisp evening air, then headed over to Gallagher’s to share some laughs with everyone who joined us there.


Don, Doug, and Jeff telling lies at the bar.


Doug and Steve (another Fling newbie) at the bar. That’s Colleen (co-owner of Gallagher’s) with the ‘enhancements’.


Rando, Harry, Raquel, and Doe hangin’ at the bar.

Here’s a gallery of my pictures from Saturday:


and the Ride Highlights Reel:

SMW Spring Fling 2016 – Ryde Highlights Reel from FoothillRyder on Vimeo.

Photo Galleries from others:

Pete Springer’s Pics

Terry Day’s Pics

Terry Day’s Video

Stu Lyman’s Pics

Tom Calvet’s Pics


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