Soquel Vintage Motorcycle Show – June 26, 2011

Took a ride on the Tiger Cub, first over to Moraga to visit with my riding buddy Rand, then on to Soquel for the vintage motorcycle show – and a brilliant ride both directions. Here are my favorites from the bikes on display.

This beautiful 1974 Ossa 250 MX bike was a fully restored beauty:

1974 Ossa 250 MX

Amongst a row of vintage dirt bikes, this Bultaco Tracker stood out:

Bultaco Tracker

I have a ’64 BMW R50/2, and this is what I plan for it – this is a 1970 R75 with Sidecar:

BMW Sidecar

This 1928 R52 had just been started (and was running) when I took this picture. Quite a sound!:


And this brilliant BSA B50 Street Tracker stopped me in my tracks:

BSA Street Tracker

And this gorgeous pre-unit Triumph T100 Trophy (500cc) is outstanding:

Triumph Trophy T100

Into a good Japanese 2-stroke? How about this handsome Yamaha RZ350:

Yamaha RZ350

Not into the small displacement 2-cylinder bikes? How about this ’82 Honda CBX 6-cylinder:

Honda CBX

Or perhaps a 2-stroke Street Tracker like this nicely turned out Yamaha RD Street Tracker:

Yamaha RD Tracker

Something a bit more traditional? How about a Sportster-based Street Tracker:

Sportster Street Tracker

A fine example of a late 60’s Honda CL72 Scrambler:

Honda Scrambler

Or a beautifully restored 1970 Triumph T120 Bonneville:

Triumph Bonneville

The essence of a motorcycle, this tiny little Maserati:

Found in the parking lot, this nicely done Honda Cafe Racer. Pretty sure it’s a CB450:

Honda Cafe Racer

But… as most of us know, it isn’t about the motorcycles, it’s about the RYDE!

I put about 500 miles on the Tiger Cub on this weekend, much of it on brilliant roads. Some of those roads I’ve documented elsewhere with videos and pictures; but here are two segments of our ride this weekend that I have not previously posted.

Palomares Road from Niles Canyon to Castro Valley

and the fantastic twisties of Redwood Rd and Pinehurst Rd between Castro Valley and Moraga:

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Please post your comments!


  1. Very good, Ron. I love those old bikes. I’m a BSA fan. I’ve dreamed of a Gold Star as long as I can remember. A 500cc English single sounds like no other machine that I’ve ever heard.

  2. Hi Ron. Thanks for the great pics as well as the Palomares Road tour. Sounds like you have the audio pick-up well located. Getting a good mix of motor and music without wind noise. I like your selection of tunes as well.


    • Actually Rand, that audio is the track from the video camera, heavily filtered (and I do mean heavily!); but it’s enough to add a little bit of ‘presence’ to the vid when there’s music as well.

  3. I ride Palomares all the time I live in the area. It is a great road, thanks for the video and tunes. I also ride and an old britbike. This road is perfect for old British Bikes!!!! Again thanks.

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