‘The Wind’ – A novel-in-progress by FoothillRyder

Back in 2005 I was asked to write a short story, with a topic related to motorcycles in some way. That short story is an excerpt that – currently anyway – is Chapter Nine in ‘the book’.  The story needed a beginning. It still needs an end. But I present here the chapters that are complete, describing the characters, the locales, the motorcycles, the technologies, the interplay, and – yes – some riding too.
Post a comment if you enjoy the story!

– FoothillRyder

Chapter 1 – Preface to the Adventure

Chapter 2 – the Adventure Begins

Chapter 4 – VR-1 Development Begins

Chapter 5 – ‘Family Day’ at MT, and the ‘friendly race’

Chapter 6 – Design and Development Continues

Chapter 9 – Final Testing of the VR-1 in the U.S.

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